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A few weeks back, my good friend Anna made the most amazingly decadent baked cheesecake. It was honestly the best cheesecake I have ever had, and I have had my fair share of cheesecake in my day!

Anna's Cheesecake

Ever since that holy cheesecake day, I have been craving more. As I am trying to watch my weight, I really wanted one that would be lower in calories , without losing too much of what makes a great cheesecake.

Here is my first attempt on the road to my perfect, low-calorie cheesecake. I tested it out on the folks at work and received pretty high acclaim for it – I even scored a Facebook post from one lovely Angel!

Baked Ricotta Cheesecake

So, to all those Facebook friends who have been asking for the recipe, here it is:


  • 750g Low fat ricotta cheese
  • 250g Philadelphia Cream Cheese – 80% less fat
  • 4 organic free range eggs

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What is the Key to Reaching your Fitness/Health Goals

What is the Key to Reaching your Fitness/Health Goals

What is the Key to Reaching Your
Fitness and Health Goals?
You hear this all the time, “you reap what you sow” well with this being said, only showing up for half your workouts or given half effort when you do work out will yield only half the results your looking for. You need to change your thought process or thinking when it comes to working out. STOP thinking of it as a chore, goodness no wonder you hate it. If you can get yourself to start approaching exercise in a more positive way, you may find your actually looking forward to working out, the list of benefits from consistently staying active and eating right is endless. I know “LIFE” happens, you’re tired, you have errands to run, you just don’t feel like it, or your just get too busy. Then you start missing a workout here, a workout there and oh oh all of a sudden your only working out once in a while or maybe 50% of the time, or not at all. I know it’s tough, because I run into these challenges all of the time. But, these are the times where I found the time to get a workout in, I make it a part of my life just like bathing, eating, phone calls, and so on, it is hard some days, but these are the days you need to do it, push through these days, and trust me if you do, you will find you are on the road to liking and looking forward to actually working out, but you have to get over these days, you have to push through these days to get to the “ I like working out days” it takes time to change our thinking or habits and takes time to start to see these changes but you WON”T see them if you don’t give it time.
You know what? I have never regretted working out afterwards and feel such a great sense of accomplishment knowing I saw another workout through. What’s most important is my actions “train” my mind/body for what to expect and my mind/body adapts based on this. Consistency “trains” the mind/body that I am serious about working out, and it starts to change both my mind and body for the better, and I so look for and enjoy my workouts no longer thinking of them as a chore or punishment.
Consistency also keeps your internal furnace (metabolism) flame burning hot which allows your body to maximize your nutrition plan. This is when you start to see the dramatic weight loss, your body shape change, and start to look great on the outside and feel great on the inside.
If you are not meeting or exceeding your health goals, it is most likely because you are not being consistent with some aspect of your fitness.
Here are tips on how to become more consistent with your fitness.
 Write exercise into your schedule, think of it like this, don’t start a day without exercise already planned as part of that day. This is a need just like scheduling lunch, paying the bills, and doing laundry.
 Find accountability partners, ask your friends to join you, go on an outing or walk together. You may find that all you need to do is ask.
 Get your family/friends involved!
 Get equipment for your home, I just started doing this about three months ago, and love it; there is no excuse to get in a quick workout with the equipment right there.
 Keep exercise clothes in your car, this will allow you to hit the gym after work and get in a quick cardio or weight session. Knowing you have planned ahead to work out after work may just be the thing you need to stay on track
 Have an actual program, follow a pre-determined exercise regimen.
 Train at the time when you’re most energized – picking a common time can also be helpful. If you are a morning person, do it then, otherwise, be careful about the afternoon “excuses” that always pop up.

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Did you know?

Did you know?

Top 10 Fitness Facts.

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Road back to a bigger, better bench.

Road back to a bigger, better bench.

Months since lifting heavy, but time to focus and set my sights on a 250 lb bench before the year is out. We’ll see.

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Back to the gym tomorrow, after some months off I am so looking forward to it!

Back to the gym tomorrow, after some months off I am so looking forward to it!

Well so much to do still before I am up and running my business, only 60 days left, yikes! This calls for stress control through lifting hard and heavy, a great stress reliever. I am looking forward to my home away from home.

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How do you reveal your lower abs?

How do you reveal your lower abs?

Well the “lower abs” are not actually a muscle so to speak, they are the lower section of the rectus abdominis, known as the six pack muscle,  combined with the lower external obliques. The bad news is that fat in this area is the last to go, and the first to come back if you go off of or slip on your diet even just a little bit. Here are a few exercises that will help to burn some of the fat in that area.

PLEASE remember: no matter how many 1000′s of reverse crunches, pulse ups, or hanging leg ups you do, if there’s fat covering your abs you WILL NOT see your lower abs. Lower abs are the product of good eating and consistency in your exercise program, you cannot and will not have or see your abs if you veer from either, it really is true what they say “abs are made in the kitchen” or through your fork.

Also don’t forget that to effectively melt body fat, rely on cardio example: doing  HIIT if you’re fit enough to do it, and weight-training. (HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training).

Ab exercises alone will not effectively burn fat from the abdominal region you need lots of cardio and good clean eating.

Here are a few exercises you may want to try, have you tried the “AB Pulse Ups? “

1. You have to lie flat on your back on floor then place your hands under your butt.

2. Tighten your core, contract your lower abs, and raise your legs until they’re 100% vertical. Your body should form a 90º angle. That’s your starting position.

3. SQUEEZE your butt & lower abs and use your hips to push your legs directly upwards. This is a “pulse.” Don’t bend your legs.

4. Hold at the top for .5 seconds, slowly lower, and allow your butt to briefly touch the bench or floor.

Also the “Reverse crunch” will target this area as well

1. Lie flat on your back with your legs in tabletop position. If you’re on a flat bench, hold on behind your head.

2. Without moving your upper back forcefully contract your lower abs, lift your butt off the floor, and pull your knees inward toward your head.

3. When your knees reach chest-height, pause for five seconds and slowly return to the start.

4. Repeat for 12-20 reps. Once you’re able to do 20 reps, add a light dumbbell in between your feet to increase the difficulty.

Hanging Leg Raises

1. Hang from a pull-up bar with your hands at shoulder-width.

2. While keeping your back straight, contract your lower abs and slowly raise your legs until they’re parallel with the floor. Do not swing, rock, or use momentum.

3. Pause for .5 seconds and return to the bottom.

4. Repeat for 10-20 reps.

5. As your abs get stronger gradually increase the height of your legs. Move from waist height, to chest height, to bar height over time.

6. If hanging leg raises are too difficult at first, substitute with hanging knee raises. Repeat the same motion, except with your knees bent.

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Are you suffering from poor posture at your Desk job?

correctsittimgDid you know that your body is designed to stand and move, not to sit for a third of your life behind a desk? Well this is true, and here are a few techniques that will help you prevent further damage with the daily slumped posture and the chronic neck pain of a sedentary desk job.

First be sure to make sure your desk and chair fit. Your screen should be at eye level or slightly below. Your arms should be at 90 degrees while you type, your low back should be supported, and your feet should be flat on the floor.
Take breaks. At least once per hour, stand up from your desk, change your focus, and move your body. Just a minute or two per hour is all it takes to loosen stiff muscles, but the more you can move, the better. Try talking to a coworker in person rather than via email, or take a walk around the building on your break.
Stretch and strengthen. When you sit slumped over your keyboard you develop chronically shortened muscles in your chest and the front of your shoulders, and chronically slack and weakened muscles in your upper back and rear shoulders. Correct the imbalance by stretching your chest muscles and strengthening your upper back and rear shoulders with resistance exercises. This process alone is often enough to relieve the chronic neck pain so many desk workers get.
Breathe and relax. The stress of your job compounds daily if you never take the time to find relief. Before you know it, the muscles in your shoulders and neck are clenched tight. Breathing deeply gets oxygen flowing to your brain and muscles. You’ll feel more mentally sharp even while your muscles relax.

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ImageI am very excited, after many years of uncertainly on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life as far as a job, work, or stay in retirement. I decided to follow a passion of mine that has been something i feel very strongly about. One of being a ‘business owner” again and being a Personal Trainer, so I have just recently taken on this challenge, i am 65 days out from starting Reeves Fitness all things Fitness/Nutrition related, and the best news is I will be doing something i love. So with each passing day my excitement grows, and I can’t wait to take on yet a new adventure and the next chapter in my life. 🙂

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A Curvy Girl's Journey

Here is Day 19 Tip for Loosing it Right Keeping it Tight exercise that will help you get beach ready for the 1st day of SUMMER!!!

jump-180I hope you are enjoying these fitness workouts with Bill Harper he is definitely a BEAST!!!

Jump 180

Targets abs, butt, quads

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms by sides.
  • Lower into a deep squat and raise arms, slightly bent, forward to chest level.
  • Jump up, swinging arms behind as you turn body 180 degrees in midair toward right to land in a squat facing in opposite direction. MAKE IT EASIER: Turn just 90 degrees in midair to land facing right.

Please click on the link to see exercise demo…

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Orgeat Syrup Cocktail


Mikey's In My Kitchen

One of my favorite spots in the city is this restaurant called Nellcóte. They have an ever evolving, seasonal menu that is always delicious. Try it sometime.  You won’t be disappointed.  Delicious food and unbelievable drinks. In fact, they have one of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted. Aptly named “The Vodka,” it is super light and refreshing but unlike anything I’ve ever had.  Needless to say, I had to find the recipe for myself.


After I discovered the recipe I found out that the main ingredient was something called Orgeat (pronounced “or-zsa” like Zsa Zsa Gabor). Orgeat was originally used in Mai Tai’s, and is now used as an almond syrup in coffee drinks and cocktails.

I called around and was unable to find it anywhere in the city. So I decided to just make it. It is actually really simple as long as you can find Orange Blossom…

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